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Key Features of My Court Calendar™

  • My Court Calendar™ provides interagency data between the State Attorney's Office, District Attorney's Office, Prosecutor's Office, County Attorney's Office, Attorney General's Office, Crown Attorney's Office, Public Defenders' Office, Clerk's Office, Law Enforcement Agency, Fire Department, Probation/Parole Office, Department of Corrections, and/or Emergency Medical Services Agency.
  • Verify the work schedule of an emergency services professional.
  • Electronic transmission of court documents directly to the agency.
  • Agencies can also accept subpoenas via process server from private attorneys.
  • Upload the subpoena to My Court Calendar™ and the emergency service professional receives the actual docs as a PDF attachment to an e-mail.
  • Periodic court date alerts are sent to the witness via text and/or e-mail reminding him/her of the court date/time.
  • Accountability and verification of receipt via date/time stamps.
  • Accessible from any computer, smart-phone or tablet with internet access.
  • My Court Calendar™ manages Off-Duty Jobs and Overtime Work. Since the program is web-based, the LEO does not have to drive to the department to look at the job postings on the bulletin board or log onto their MDT's. He/she can access that data 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.